Esta página es parte del sitio , con cientos de fotos de aves de Argentina
This page is a part of the website, with hundreds of photos of birds of Argentina
Visita a Ecuador
22 - 26 febrero 2006
Visit to Ecuador
22 - 26 February 2006
Copyright (C) 2006 - Alec Earnshaw

Presento aquí una pequeña colección de fotos de aves que logré en este viaje por cuestiones laborales.
Todas las fotos fueron sacadas un Sábado ya que pude extender mi visita un día más para poder visitar un are silvestre. Los sitios visitados son:

Parque "El Lago" sobre la represa de Chongón, a unos 26 km al O. de Guayaquil, donde pasé la mayor parte del día. Sitio web:

Bosque protector "Cerro Blanco", recorriendo el sendero "canoa". Esta reserva protege Papagayo de Guayaquil que se encuentra en peligro de extinción.
Sitio web:

Esta página incluye 53 fotos abarcando 15 especies de aves (de las cuales 9 no tienen registro en Argentina)
Asimismo pude hacer mis primeras fotos de 4 especies que sí tienen presencia en Argentina.

Gracias por visitar esta página - Alec Earnshaw
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Here are some bird photos taken during a business trip to Guayaquil. I was able to stay an extra day to visit a wildlife area. The sites are visited are:

Parque "El Lago" nature park on the Chongón reservoir, some 26 km west of Guayaquil, spending most of the day here. Website:

Cerro Blanco protected forest, doing the "Sendero Canoa" trail, thus known as its shape is much like
that of a canoe: setting off upstream along a trail constructed on the mountain side, crossing the stream, and then returning to the starting point along the opposite side of the stream.

This reserve has so-called "tropical dry forest" and protects the endangered Guayaquil Macaw. It is a Birdlife 'Important Bird Area' (IBA) site. Check out excellent site at

Sadly it seems the Canoa trail is threatened to completely dissapear due to the expansion of a neighbouring quarry. If you have been there it is your duty to write to try and stop this. Please visit the website.

This page includes 53 photos covering 15 bird speices (9 of which are not recorded in Argentina).
I was also able to get my first photos of 4 species that range into Argentina.

Many thanks for visiting this page - Alec Earnshaw
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"El lago" - Vista del lago - View of the reservoir

Entrada y cartelería de la reserva Cerro Blanco
Entrance and billboards at Cerro Blanco reserve

Vistas del Sendero Canoa en Cerro Blanco
Views of the "Canoa" trail at Carro Blanco


Magnifiscent Frigatebird - Fregata magnificens

Ecuadorian Ground-Dove - Columbina buckleyi

Anó Chico - Smooth-billed Ani - Crotophaga ani

Anó Pico Surcado - Groove-billed Ani
- Crotophaga sulcirostris

Red-masked Parakeet
- Aratinga erythrogenys

Scarlet-backed Woodpecker - Veniliornis callonotus


Pacific Hornero
- Furnarius cinnamomeus (Come consider it not split from Pale-legged Hornero - Furnarius leucopus)

White-thorated Kingbird - Tyrannus albogularis (or Snowy-throated Kingbird - Tyrannus niveigularis ?)

Masked Water-Tyrant (+ nest) - Fluvicola nengeta


Fasciated Wren - Campylorhynchus fasciatus

Golden-bellied Grosbeack (aka Southern Yellow-Grosbeak) - Pheucticus chrysogaster

Saffron Finch - Sicalis flaveola

Yellow-rumped Cacique - Cacicus cela

Scrub Blackbind - Dives warszewiczi

Other animals



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