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Vist to Seoul, South Korea
10th-19th November, 2017
Copyright (C) 2017 - Alec Earnshaw

Here is a collection of photos taken during a business (training) trip to Seoul, South Korea.
The only birding opportunities were a hour on Friday after the "gradutation ceremony", and I was lucky to have a free Saturday before the afternoon flight back home.

I wish to especially thank Jina and Sue for having guided me on Saturday 18th, first upstream on the Han river to a site named Misari, and then to the island of Ganghwa.

Some birding statistics of the trip:
- Recorded 46 species of birds
- Photos of 35 species
- 25 Lifers
- I saw no insects, mammals or reptiles of any sort

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1. Friday 17th - Jeondong - just 1 hour before it got dark. Main target: Long-billed Plover

A view of the stream at Jeondong bridge, within Seoul city

Goosander / Common Merganser (male)
Mergus merganser

Common Merganser (female)
Mergus merganser

Green-winged Teal (male)
Anas crecca

Gadwall (male)
Mareca strepera

Mallard (male)
Anas platyrhynchos

Gray Heron
Ardea cinerea

Great Egret
Ardea alba

Little Egret
Egretta garzetta

Black-crowned Night-Heron
Nycticorax nycticorax nycticorax

Long-billed Plover
Charadrius placidus

2. Saturday 18th - Misari - 7:15 am. Feezing cold: -7ºC with a moderate wind blowing

Misari - view of stream

Misari - view of bridge

Misari - distant birds in Han river

Misari - Guides Jina and Sue

Whooper Swan
Cygnus cygnus

Chinese Spot-billed Duck
Anas zonorhyncha

Green-winged Teal (female)
Anas crecca

White-tailed Sea Eagle
Haliaeetus albicilla

Eastern or Japanese Buzzard
Buteo japonicus

Brown-eared Bulbul
Hypsipetes amaurotis

Japanese Wagtail
Motacilla grandis

Bull-headed Shrike
Lanius bucephalus

Vinous-throated Parrotbill
Sinosuthora webbiana

Chinese Grosbeak
Eophona migratoria

Eurasian Magpie
Pica pica

Eurasian Tree Sparrow (male)
Passer montanus


3. Saturday 18th - Ganghwa Island

View of North Korea from North Checkpoint

View of Yellow Sea from Haeannam (South of island), at low tide

3.1 Younmi-Jung (North Checkpoint)

Swan Goose
Anser cygnoid

Bean Goose
Anser fabalis

Cinereous Vulture
Aegypius monachus

Greater White-fronted Goose
Anser albifrons

3.2 Younmi-Jung (further inland)

Ring-necked Pheasant (male)
Phaisanus colchicus

Greater White-fronted Goose (juvenile and adult)
Anser albifrons

Greater White-fronted Goose in rice fields
Anser albifrons

Large-billed Crow
Corvus macrorhynchos

Eurasian Kestrel (female)
Falco tynnunculus

3.3 North Gate

North Gate

North Gate

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
Picoides kizuki

Goldcrest (female)
Regulus regulus

Japanese Tit (male)
Parus minor

Variable Tit
Sittiparus varius

Variable Tit
Sittiparus varius

3.4 Dongknock Stream

Great Egret
Ardea alba

Green Sandpiper
Tringa ochropus

Common Snipe
Gallinago gallinago

White Wagtail
Motacilla alba

Ruddy Shelduck (male)
Tadorna feruginea

Ruddy Shelduck (female)
Tadorna feruginea

3.5 Donggeom-Ri (small island south of Ganghwa)

White-tailed Sea Eagle (immature)
Haliaeetus albicilla

White-tailed Sea Eagle (immature)
Haliaeetus albicilla

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