fotos de animales silvestres de ARGENTINA
por / by: Alec Earnshaw
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photos of wild animals of ARGENTINA
About this site...
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The purposes of this site are:

To show the photos I have taken of some of Argentina's native animals, in the hope that it will help appreciate the enormous diversity of birds and other creatures living wild in this country.
To alert about the continued decline of populations of many of our birds and other animals.
To preserve my photos: By scanning them I expect the images will never fade.
For the benefit of whoever needs images or may be interested in learning about our wildlife.
To encourage me to take more and better pictures.
Please note: all images copyright Alec Earnshaw (Please read Copyright Notice)

About the pictures...

They are nearly all of wild native animals of Argentina, taken in their natural habitats.
In what localities? Most photos were taken at reserves close to Buenos Aires: Ribera Norte (Acassuso) and Costanera Sur (Buenos Aires city). Some are from day trips to Ceibas and Magdalena. Others are from longer trips to Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Iberá, Misiones and Jujuy.
How were they taken? With the help of much-needed luck, perseverance, opportunity, a keen eye and feel for nature, and patience, exerted over the course of several years. And using the modest equipment listed here. It is not easy to get close to birds, and the lenses I have are not too powerful. This makes the task sometimes difficult or frustrating. So result from the field depend much on strokes of luck, which do not occur very frequently. One must make the most of these, always having a ready camera at hand. apology?: In many cases the quality of the pictures are not as good as I would have liked - but they are what I have been able to take, so far.

Bingo? There are over 1,000 species of birds in the country, and there is no chance of ever getting them all on film. So many species are absent from this collection, and even in some instances, ones which are quite common. So please don't consider this site as a complete coverage of our birds. The other groups (mammals, reptiles, etc.) are even more scantily populated, though the butterflies section is growing faster - at least during the butterfly season.

Wildlife Conservation? You can make a difference!
Examples: Don't buy wild animals. If you want to own a parrot, remember: it may have been taken from the wild, reducing our declining populations even more!
If you own farmland, don't raze ALL your property, Don't dry out swamps. Retain a large field, preferably a wetland, with original native vegetation. Let it overgrow, but cut down non-native species, for they tend to spread and invade, soon replacing many native plants.

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